Manual activation

Please paste the licence request data from Typefitter into the field below, and then click Submit. Alternatively, if you've saved the license request data to a text file, you can upload it instead.

Manual Request

This page may be used for processing manual requests, including activation, deactivation, and license refreshing and status checks. Please use the appropriate method of posting the request to retrieve a response.

Copy and Paste Request

Please copy the request from the application, and either click the Paste button below, or right-click in the text box below and click paste, then click the submit button below.

Upload Request File

Please select the file you wish to upload below and click the submit button.

After the license request has been validated, Download or Copy the response, return to InDesign, then paste the response text into the License response field of the Typefitter License dialogue. If you need additional help, please reach out.